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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 47

The birthday banquet had been delayed for half an hour, and the two women were beginning to feel restless.

Xue Yuming was about to make a call to her daughter when Huo Zhenning came to them and interrupted.

"We're not waiting anymore, the banquet will begin!" Huo Zhenning said sternly.

This was his birthday party, after all. If the guests inside waited any longer, who knew what gossip about him would begin to make their rounds tomorrow?

"Don't worry, Shan, Yang Yang assured me that he would be here today. When he's here, I will announce your engagement. Come, let's have something to eat first."

He then went back into the house.

Parents decide the marriage of their children, and marriage should always be between families of equal standing this was the law of marriage for people of their societal class.

Xue Yuming gently embraced her and consoled her quietly, "You have known Yunting for a long time now, and you're familiar with his character. It will be odd if he did arrive on time, isn't it? Since he agreed to come, he will stick to his word. Don't worry about it."


Mo Shan continued to behave obediently. She could not help but gave a cold stare to Xue Yuming.

How could she not be worried with that disgusting relationship between Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang?

This was all because of her sluty daughter!

When the banquet was nearing its end, Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang finally arrived.

Lu Zhaoyang could not figure out what game he was playing. The two-hour flight took an extra half an hour to complete. The half-hour journey in the car became over an hour. He seemed to be taking things at his own slow pace deliberately.

She tried to hurry him out of panic, but failed. When she tried to make a call, Huo Yunting snatched her phone away from her and switched it off.

Lu Zhaoyang was about to explode in anger when Huo Yunting said, "One word from you, and I'm not attending the dinner." That shut her up, but it did nothing stop her from worrying!

The journey home felt impossibly long.

The two of them entered the Huo mansion with her trailing behind him. Xue Yuming saw them first, and stood up excitedly to greet them.

"Yunting, you're here!"

Mo Shan quickly turned over to look, unable to hide her great relief.

They were both good looking by all standards, so their entrance was greeted with admiring and envious looks from the guests.

Huo Yunting sat down carelessly on one of the available seats and looked around the house. "Tsk, you seem to be having fun. I don't think my presence is really necessary."

Lu Zhaoyang was just greeting her mother when he heard him speak. She promptly offered the present she bought to Huo Zhenning and diverted the man's attention. "Dad, happy birthday! May you enjoy a healthy and prosperous life for many years to come!"

"My good child, you're too kind!" Huo Zhenning accepted the gift and smiled warmly. "Have a seat!"

"Thank you, dad." There was only one empty seat left, and it was next to Huo Yunting.

Now that all the relevant people were here, and the banquet was about to end, Huo Zhenning thought it wise to jump straight to business.

He went on stage, took over the mic from the butler, and looked sharply at his guests with a twinkle in his eye. "This banquet serves not only to celebrate my birthday, but also to share a joyous occasion in the Huo family with all of you here today!"

The hall quieted down immediately, waiting for him to continue.

Lu Zhaoyang's hands clenched nervously on her lap as she looked to Huo Zhenning.

Huo Zhenning's lips curled into a cold smile as he looked back at her. He shifted closer to her and asked, "Daughter, what do you think he will be announcing?"