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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 48

"It's not about me anyway." She whispered back, and saw Mo Shan glaring at her from the corner of her eye.

Mo Shan realised that she was caught off guard, and quickly smiled with all the grace of a refined young woman, as though her angry glare was only a trick of the eye.

"My son, Huo Yunting will be engaged with the Mo Shan of the Mo family. I hope you will grace the engagement ceremony with your presence!"

Huo Zhenning voice was broadcast to every corner of the dining hall through his mic.

Two spotlights on the ceiling zeroed in on the man and woman in question. The guests applauded loudly and offered their congratulations.

Lu Zhaoyang was not sure if she should clap like everyone else. She had been put in a very awkward position.

Mo Shan smiled calmly as she looked to Huo Yunting, but her heart was threatening to jump out of her chest!

The matter was finally going official. He would be her fiance, and later on, her husband.

They were meant for each other. Lu Zhaoyang would be gone forever!

Huo Zhenning accepted the cheer and applause from his guests. He was not alarmed when he noticed Huo Yunting walking toward him.

Given the occasion, he thought that Huo Yunting would not dare to cause trouble. The young man said he had cut ties with him, but the fact was they were still father and son, and always will be.

"Yunting, take good care of Shan. She's a good young lady, I wish you"

Before he could finish, Huo Yunting snatched the mic away from him. When he started speaking, Huo Zhenning's good cheer dissipated quickly.

Under the white spotlight, Huo Yunting looked like an angel descended from the Heavens. His delicate eyes swept across the guests below the stage like a king inspecting his subjects.

The audience went silent as he smiled and said, "What is this? I am the one getting married, why didn't I know about it?


The atmosphere in the hall plunged into an awkward silence. How could the fiance not know about his own engagement?!

Truly, he was humiliating Huo Zhenning and the Mo family in public!

Mo Yuan slapped the table and stood up in fury. He was about to say something when Mo Shan put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head slowly.

Huo Zhenning was standing right beside Huo Yunting, and this made it incredibly embarrassing for him.

Nevertheless, he was used to open conflicts. He gathered himself and began to give a parental lecture.

"Nonsense! Your marriage with Shan was decided between me and Uncle Mo. This is a decision between parents, and now you know of it. Get back down!"

"I say, Old Huo, why do you think you can make decisions for me? Don't forget, we have already cut ties with each other."

Huo Yunting walked leisurely down the stage toward a computer, ignoring Huo Zhenning's fury, and continued lazily, "Even so, today is your birthday. Since you invited me, it is only proper to give you a present. No need to thank me"

The dining hall turned quiet once again. They watched as Huo Yunting produced a small flash drive from his pocket, plugged it into the computer, and did something with the mouse.

On the stage, the huge screen behind Huo Zhenning became completely white. It was an empty room.

The guests were confused when suddenly, the haggard face of a middle-aged woman appeared on the screen.