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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 50

Xue Yuming held onto Lu Zhaoyang's arm to support herself.

Whispers of her being the third party and driving the ex-wife insane made her turn paler. She bit down hard on her lips to stop herself from screaming!

"You're right. You are divorced. The video means nothing to you. Just treat it as a documentary or something. Why would you get so angry about it then?"

He put down the mic and turned to look at the screen.

That was his mother, Xiu Ran. After her failed suicide attempt, she was forcefully sedated before having her wound bandaged.

The man she loved above everyone and everything else had never come to see her ever since their divorce.

Her mental health deteriorated. As her situation worsened, her suicide attempts became more and more frequent.

He had requested for more people to look after her. Fortunately, her suicide attempts were always noticed in time. The nurse who brought the sharp object into her room was also fired.

Who was the cause of all this?

With her mother in this condition, how could he let the despicable couple responsible for it get away so easily?

Huo Zhenning nearly stumbled off the stage at his son's affected nonchalance.

Xue Yuming was white as a sheet. She looked so fragile that even a gentle touch could knock her over.

How dare he! How could he do this

Huo Yunting! Huo Yunting!!

Huo Zhenning had never been publicly humiliated like this before! This was a disgrace to his reputation!

He rushed toward the computer but was stopped by Huo Yunting halfway.

"Shut it down!"


Huo Yunting caught a glimpse of his mother's pitiful face on the screen, and felt the anger within him burn even more

Lu Zhaoyang felt her eyes begin to water. She felt nothing but shame at Qiu Ran's descent into madness.

Even so, she must protect her own mother!

Now that she was married to Huo Yunting, let the man vent all his hatred on her!

Lu Zhaoyang stood up and went on stage. She circled around Huo Yunting and shut down the computer.

The screen darkened. She looked up to see Huo Yunting looking back at her with a smile.

She clenched her fists and forced herself not to act weakly because of her shame. She inhaled deeply, and then said in the calmest tone she could manage, "Huo Yunting, you have achieved your goal. This is a birthday celebration, so don't push it. Let private matters be discussed privately."

It was enough to ruin their lives. He had done that, hadn't he?


Huo Yunting chuckled coldly but kept glaring at Huo Zhenning. He bent down slightly to whisper by her ear, "This is the result of your efforts in getting me back home. If there is a next time, you may continue to do so, as for the results I guarantee you'll be satisfied."

After blackmailing her, he left the stage.

The guests instinctively made way for him to pass through.

Barely a quarter of an hour had passed from the moment Huo Yunting entered the dining hall until the time that he left.