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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 51

Lu Zhaoyang sighed, as she shoved the plugged thumb drive into her handbag and walked towards her collapsing mother so that she could escort her back to the restroom before anyone could verbally attack her.

Mo Shan, meanwhile, was absolutely stupefied by the projection just now, that it took her a few moments to recover. She went to find Huo Yunting yet the man was nowhere to be found.

(Back in the room)...

Lu poured her mother a glass of water, "Mom, have some water."

Madam Xue tried forcing a smile with that drained face of hers, her shaking hands reached out, "I just wanted to be with the person I love, is that wrong?"

Well, yes and no, Madam Xue.

It is not wrong to be with the person you love, but it is wrong because he came so late that by then he was already married, had his own family, and you still chose to go for him.

The other woman, the third person in the relationship, the one who started the affairs - regardless of the actual name for such identity, were all known for the immoral, the criticized, the hated, even by Lu Zhaoyang, Madam Xue's own daughter herself.

It was such irony that probably the person Lu Zhaoyang hated the most turned out to be her own mother.

"Well, they have already divorced and both of you are officially together. Just forget what happened and live your happily-ever-after. Regarding Huo Yunting, don't waste your time. We all know what we can do."

He's the only who could make decisions on his own courtship.

And I have tried my best to cover those old wounds - the most I can do I guess.

But well, after today's incident, it's gonna be a difficult stain to wipe.

Madam Xue, also understood the situation, took a few sips of warm water after sighing.

Her expression relaxed.

She had so much to say, yet words choked by her throat.

"Yang Yang sweetie Um I need some time alone, t-to think things through."

Her days with her beloved, mixed with the criticisms from people, replayed like a zoetrope in her mind. She needed the silence, or she might lose her sanity anytime soon

"Mhm." Lu Zhaoyang nodded. She was also tired from the birthday bash-up.

She walked to the bedroom in the house, planning to sleep through the night. Huo Yunting probably stormed away from the scene right after, as he might be too enraged to talk and might throw her a tantrum too. It might be better to rest till the storm had subsided.

She pulled the bedroom door open, lazily reached the switch for the lights, only to be dragged away by somebody.

Almost immediately after, the door was slammed shut, locked.

Lu's heart was racing, as her slender body was suppressed to the wall by a mysterious man.

"What are you doing in my room?" She said,, trying to lift her body.

"What do you think?" The familiar voice rang profoundly, the pheromone was something Lu recognized - the wild and restless, the angrily famished - Huo Yunting.

Man, and she thought it was a burglar, although the plot twist was not one that she liked.

"I'm here for my adults' meal," he whispered as he approached her with a devilish smile.

Seeing the man inching towards her, she gave a heavy stomp right on his feet!

Nevertheless, Huo felt nothing.

He moved away slightly, a sign of courtesy for the lady.

Lu thought it was the opportunity to escape as she sprinted to the door.

I don't care if my mother was right or wrong, as long as he hurt her, he would be at fault, and I wouldn't want anything to do with him, not at this instance.

Moreover, I can't be seen doing things with him at Huo's residence.

It would be horrible if anyone saw us!

As her thoughts raced, she frantically unlocked the door to leave, yet at her first step outside, she was grabbed again by her collar.

She clumsily backed into the room as she was forced and pushed to the shut door.

This time she would not be able to run.

"Don't you see it? No matter how hard you run, you'll never escape. Lu Zhaoyang, as long as you lack power, forget about these pointless gestures. I think you did not forget the purpose of our marriage in the first place, didn't you?"