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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 52

Hearing the kind reminder, her body stiffened.

Of course I know the purpose.

I married Huo Yunting to repay the debts, to undo the wrong of my mother.

The guilt worsened upon seeing her mother humiliated by the crowd.

But that doesn't mean Huo Yunting has the rights to violate me anywhere!

"Huo Yunting, we are at your house," said she softly.

"That is why you be cooperative, or I could not guarantee what kind of noises I'll create later. I'm afraid that everybody in the house will know your deepest, darkest secret."

Upon the last syllable, his fingers took over her neck, as they slid through her sensitive skin, caressing her shoulder and then he made a pull, "No!" She shook in fear, her collar was torn open, revealing her fair shoulders shivering over the icy touch of his fingers.

They were just behind the door, anyone could have overheard this

Her helpless gaze glowed like a rabbit under the wolf's fang, which was enticing to the devil.

His lowered head grasped her lips, as his one hand wrung hers, the other browsed her body.

Lu's eyes went wide, her rationality was disconnecting with her over time.

No one had understood Huo's tenacious personality. He would be that stubborn bull that would run through the end of time, breaking the space-time continuum given that she was standing beyond it.

So she gave up struggling, as she closed her eyes.

Let her be fed to the beast.

Pray him be done to the least.

He lifted his head, breathing lively, as he felt her fluffy cheeks. He kissed her neck.

Veins pumped as Lu, hissed, nervously looking at Huo biting herself, like a starved vampire wanting to drain her vitality.

That was when her ears caught a trail of footsteps coming from the outside.

She opened her eyes, too frightful to inform the beast to stop. She eventually signalled with a kick and a glare at him.

"Yang my sweetie, are you asleep?" Madam Xue's voice rang.

Mom?! Why the heck she's here?!

Inside the dark room, they exchanged gazes, while Madam Xue knocked the door a few times, said, "Sweetie, I'm sorry It's all mommy's fault. Mommy forgot that you came back so late tonight, that you never had the chance to eat. Are you going home tonight? I'll cook some of your favorites if you are going home tomorrow."

"Mom I-" Huo Yunting bit her naked shoulder, with tongue swirling like a stunning spell.


She could not help but shiver, her breathing grew hectic, while the devil started unbuttoning her shirt outrageously.

"I-I'm not going back tonight, mom."

She spat out a few words and zipped her mouth tightly, fearing that the ticklish feeling would cause some strange noises from her.

Her tightened expression was more than entertaining, as Huo Yunting was inspired, making a twist with his right hand to lift her chin, "No, darling, you are coming back home with me tonight," whispered he.

Madam Xue, upon hearing her daughter's reply, finally smiled.

At least it came to a loving mother-daughter ending tonight.

She did not doubt a thing, as she sweetly said, "Alright then, I'll call you when the food is ready, sweetie."


Lu shouted hurriedly, as her enlarged eyes reflected the broad smile of the devil.

Before she could say something, Huo bit her ears again, with his lips massaging her outer ear - a completely teasing foreplay it was.

She shook, pleading him to stop.

Please stop stop doing this to me I can't let mom know this. I can't!


"Sweetie? What's wrong?"

"Yang Yang, speak up!"


The door knob was turned, while Lu was going to snap.