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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 53

The doorknob turned.

The doorknob turned again.

"Yang Yang?"

Lu breathed in relief.

Phew Luckily Huo Yunting locked the door in the first place.

"M-mom, I remember I have some unfinished jobs back in the city. I have to finish them tonight. So, I'll leave later. Don't worry about me!"

It took all her mustered strength to just speak these words calmly under the constant hanky panky by the devil.

Her lips were sealed again.

What the hell do you want!? I had said what you want me to say! I had done what you want me to do! What else do you want?

"Al...alright, have a safe journey be careful on the way there, okay? Your big brother had a bad time tonight, don't fight with him if anything, okay?"

Well, who would know, that the so-called "big brother" was biting his sister's lips by then?


Madam Xue looked at the locked door, bewildered. The voice sounded pretty close to her, yet the reply came so slowly.

"...Mhm, alright. Don't worry."

Lu breathed heavily after that, as her eyes went dreamy, though they were glaring angrily at Huo Yunting.

He gave a bad-boy smile. He never imagined it would be so hard for her to even utter a syllable.

The footsteps finally trailed away. Lu was at her limits, as a cold glare was fired upon the devil.

"So *big brother*, are you happy now?"

"Aw, don't be mad. Don't you also think that I shouldn't marry Mo Shan? What's up with your attitude now?"

Huo Yunting remained fixed at the door, as he captured her in his embrace. His lustrous eyes roamed about her open collar, "Tsk, I obviously like spicy food, yet you told Mo Shan I didn't. What a pretentious girl you are."

"That was just a slip of the tongue."

Well, actually it was just her little gesture of mischief.

"Hah" Huo Yunting laughed as he looked at his mark of ownership imprinted on her shoulder. Her cheek tapped, "My dear sister, we should be going home," he said as he left the room promptly, without allowing her to reply.

Lu tried calming down, as she silently tidied up her clothing before the mirror. In the meantime, she also rehearsed her departure later - the expression, the gesture, they must be acted out naturally.

She left her room and walked down the stairs, as the loud shouts of Yunting's father echoed at the living room. He was pointing at Huo Yunting, screaming in extreme rage, that not even Madam Xue's calming words could help hold him back.

Meanwhile, Huo Yunting leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed - his usual laid-back attitude. It almost felt as if he was not the one being indicted.

Lu walked before Huo Yunting to hinder his father's sight, "Father, there're still work at the city. We have to go. It's your birthday today, please don't be mad."

The old man was panting, as Madam Xue tapped his back gently, "Stop it, honey, you're hurting yourself"

"Huo Yu- I mean, big brother, we should be going. It's almost time for the flight," said Lu as she pulled him once, though she never expected a grab from Huo.

"Still, my sister cares for me the most."

As if utilizing her strength, he stood up, with his hand still gripping Lu, as he dragged her all the way to the porch.

His expressive eyes scanned the angry old man, with a gaze as if seeing a stranger.

Well, it was not Lu's concern whether if they reconciled, she just wanted to bring this tyrannosaurus away from the place of incident.

On their flight back home, Huo Yunting had his eyes closed, relaxed, while Lu was unnervingly sitting by his side as her instinct, with its siren wailing, informed her the possible incidents their true relationship could induce anytime soon.

Once something happened, it could not be stopped.