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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 54

54,How Needy
The moment they arrived, Madam Xue called them.

"Yes, mommy?" Lu, while listening to her mother, walked past the bed where Huo Yunting waved at her, as if he was Mephistopheles.

"Okay, good night," said Lu unskillfully while she picked a random excuse to hang up.

She walked to the bed and Huo Yunting grabbed and pulled her right into his embrace. The strange balance made her fall upon his thighs, with her face landed right between them.

"How needy," the smile grew sarcastic as he loosened his grip, "So, someone wants to start the course with a popsicle eh?"

Lu hurriedly got up, staggered, almost tripping herself again. Fortunately she managed to grab his strong arm to buffer the inertia.

"I'llprepare the tub."

"Only if we are going, together," said he as he stood before her, like the master off his throne.

"I-I'll head in first." Lu Zhaoyang ignored the offer. She threw the phone to the sofa, "How about we head in together?" Before she lifted her second step, the man had already grasped her from behind.

And indeed, they walked into the bathroom together.

Nevertheless, only one of them walked out of the bathroom, with the other in hand.

Huo was energetic tonight, as if pouring rage and lust upon Lu's lovely body.

She did not complain however, as imagery of the humiliation during the party still haunted her with guilt.

She had said nothing ever since...

There might be drama during Huo Zhenning's birthday banquet that night, but there was hardly any gossip around the family, not even other trivial details than how joyful the old man celebrated his birthday itself.

It was justifiable since the guests were no fools. They knew when to keep their mouth shut, especially when the heads of both Huo and Mo families gave the gag order. if the incident had never happened...

Back to the daily life in the city, both Lu and Huo went to work as usual.

The first day back to Thunderbolt Corp., they had one guest and it was none other than Mo Shan.

She did not walk to the President's office directly, instead, she headed straight to the secretary's office, right where Secretary Lu was sitting.

"We need to talk, you available now?"

Lu Zhaoyang passed her a quick gaze as she was reviewing a rather important document at that moment. She then reached the landline on her table, "I'll call the president for you."

She lifted the receiver and dialed, before the call went through Mo Shan gently pressed the hook, shaking her head, "I'm not here for him. I'm here for you."

Mo Shan had a question. She had been looking for Huo Yunting since the birthday incident, she ran to his residence, only to be informed that they had left the scene.

"They?" Mo Shan was confused when Madam Xue informed her that Lu dragged away Huo Yunting, by his hand.

It was a gesture too ambiguous for siblings.

So, she was there, wanting an answer to her inquiry.

"Let's go?" Muttered Lu, very bewildered as she replaced the receiver.

The floor was deserted that day as they exited the office. In the first 10 meters, Lu Zhaoyang had already made her stance clear, "There are some words which would only be more meaningful if you said it to the president, he makes the ultimate decision. He's the man in charge, it's better you speak with him personally."

A moment of silence lapsed, as the two beauties had their frozen expression reflected on the exquisite tiled floor.

"Lu Zhaoyang, do you happen to know which hospital Madam Qiu is at?"

Well, no point to ask Huo Yunting, he won't say anything constructive than his satire.

It's better I ask his sister instead.

I have my own plan. Huo Yunting loves his mother deeply for sure. So, if his mother suggests our marriage, Huo Yunting would undoubtedly agree.

"Sorry, I don't know," Lu Zhaoyang shook her head, she would love to visit her too, if possible.

"How could you not know?!"

Screamed the lady of the prestigious Mo family.

It was not the case that Lu Zhaoyang was unaware of Huo's mother location.

It was simply because she refused to tell!