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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 55

Both of them entered the restroom, during which Lu poured both of them each a cup of coffee.

ManHuo Yunting was definitely needier last night. I could not sleep in peace till dawn.

I need all the caffeine I can get now.

Man, a pair of mother-and-daughter unrelated to a pair of father-and-son are now forming families together.

This is more scandalous than anything else I could imagine!

The whole world would hunt us down!

Yunting must not be hunted down by netizens. I must at least save him from this wicked woman!

"I believe that Ms. Mo is fully aware of the relationship between the president and I. He hates my mother, unfortunately, he doesn't really like me either, not to the point where he would inform me things so personal like the whereabouts of his admitted mother."

If it was the time before, Lu felt that Mo Shan would probably be the Miss Right for Huo Yunting. But ever since the banquet incident, she might think Mo Shan was not made for Huo Yunting after all.

I mean, she could put her own needs ahead of the company's security and "amend" the contract only according to her liking. I can't believe she just nearly killed Thunderbolt Corp. by changing the agreed amount from 300 millions to 800 million.

That's insane!

She doesn't even think about the consequences!

Mo Shan stood up from the sofa and stormed out of the room, with the shriek of her heels echoing in the silent corridor outside.

Lu, however, was seemingly unaffected by the drama queen performance as she gradually sipped her coffee before she returned to her office.

In less than 2 minutes, she saw Mo Shan walking by again through the window.

She seemed mad, very mad, probably after a "fruitful" conversation with Huo Yunting.

"Meh," Lu Zhaoyang was too tired to entertain the princess, though she grew restless the more she thought about Huo Yunting's mother.

So where exactly is Huo Yunting's mother?

If she happens to be in the city, will I be able to visit her?

Will Huo allow this? Will my appearance be unwelcoming to her?

Later that afternoon, at about 2 o'clock, her landline rang. It was Huo Yunting, requesting her accompaniment for the business visit today.

She went into his car with the Qingshan documents. Before she could fasten her seatbelt, the Rolls-Royce roared, like a beast in rampage out of cage, as it zoomed away.

Lu nearly plunged into the windscreen, "Could you drive a bit slower?"

Huo Li, the chairperson of Huo Yunting's club, was the driver, "I thought you had gotten used to wild rides. I always drive this wild, girl."

Huo Li was used to do things his way, so certainly, the request did not go through. The car maintained its high velocity, heading to Qingshan far, faraway.

Lu turned her head and glanced at Huo Yunting leaning against the back of the chair. Her pinky lips grooved, yet no word was heard.

Not like there will be answers if she made her words heard either.

"You've been mumbling all day. What you're up to?" The man moved an inch closer, with arms over her waist, the corners of his lips raised, "Anything? My lady?"

Was it me or Huo has really sharp eyes? Like too sharp

She thought she had acted calm naturally enough, yet it did not pass in the clear eyes of the man.

"It's regarding yo-your" Words escaped her carefully like a jailbreaker, "Your mother"

"None of your business."

The question was shot down immediately, as the arms constricted her waist harder. Ached, she bit her lips, her body stiffened for the next few seconds.

Her gestures did not escape Huo's impeccable observation after all. It was those little acts of pain that encouraged his grip tightening further, with an inner wrath.

"Save your hypocrisy. You don't want to alarm her, unless you want to alarm me."

His palm violently suppressed her lower lips, as his tone rang coldly like the dancing fingers of his palm, "Stop biting your lower lips. If it's gonna get bitten, it's gonna be only me." The palm began pressing, forcing Lu Zhaoyang to release her jaw, as his face raided her cheeks.

"I did not mean to do that, it's just"

"Just what? There's no excuse for you to disregard your role. You are here to compensate me. Just serve me and none of the others should be your concern."