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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 56

Suddenly, he retracted his arm and sat back in his chair to rest his eyes.

Lu Zhaoyang maintained her slouched position. She could see his chest slowly heaving up and down.

That was just meddlesome of her. She should not have asked.

Huo Yunting did not speak again until they reached Qingshan. The site inspection went smoothly.

On the way back, it began to drizzle.

Raindrops tapped on the car windows. The view of the outside world became a blurry mess.

She felt chilly and pulled in her shoulders. Such a small reaction was nevertheless noticed by Huo Yunting.

"Come closer to me if you're cold."

Huo Yunting said as he pulled her by the wrist.

Lu Zhaoyang's body fell straight into his arms, where she could hear his strong heartbeat.

Perhaps it was the car's air conditioning, or the fact that she was laying in his arms, but she felt a lot warmer then.

The car moved steadily in the traffic and finally made its stop in front of their mansion.

Lu Zhaoyang went to open the door, but he pulled her back to him and whispered in her ear, "What's the hurry?"

"Unless you're planning to hibernate in here, we should get out now."

Huo Yunting raised an eyebrow but said nothing more. When Huo Li came with an umbrella and opened the car door, he finally let her go.

He carried her down the car, and Huo Li kept them covered under an umbrella.

Lu Zhaoyang was not used to this. Since when had he become so kind?

A cold breeze passed, and she huddled a little closer to him. His footsteps echoed in harmony with the sound of the rain. It sounded very soothing.

Huo Yunting chuckled teasingly without warning and said, "You better not fall sick, or I'll be losing out on my reward."


Of course that was what was on his mind. She must have been too tired to think that he was a changed man.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you're so satisfied that you die on the spot." Lu Zhaoyang shot back. Having spent so much time with him, she had picked up some lingo as well.

However, this was her first time saying like that to him. It made her feel embarrassed.

Huo Yunting clicked his tongue and studied her blushed face. "I'm glad that you have figured out what to do for tonight's entertainment."


Can she just take back her words, and pretended nothing had happened?

The umbrella-man, Huo Li, rolled his eyes sky high. What on god's green earth did he do to listen to their bantering?

As expected of Brother Ting what a charming woman he had tamed for himself. He must ask him for advice later.

Once they were in the house, Lu Zhaoyang stood on her own two feet and pushed Huo Yunting away. "You should get some rest."

Huo Yunting studied her keenly. "Don't you worry. I always rest for a few days every month."

"I wouldn't mind if you rest for a few more."

"You should be proud that your husband is so capable."


Lu Zhaoyang's face reddened again. She knew that she was no match for him when it came to a battle of words, so she walked away awkwardly.

After a horrible, horrible experience that night, Lu Zhaoyang decided to never banter with him again.

The man never stopped finding new ways to make her suffer!

The next day, Xue Yuming gave her a call to ask about Huo Yunting.

Aside from the incident with Qiu Ran, Huo Yunting had behaved normal, and did not seem affected by the incident.

Just moments after the call ended, the reception desk forwarded a gilded invitation card to her.