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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 57

Lu Zhaoyang brought the invitation card with her as she made her way to Huo Yunting's office to get a few documents signed.

He was lounging on his leather chair as usual, resting his eyes while listening to loud English rock music from the speakers.

If he could fall asleep like that, he must be drunk

The music was loud, drowning Lu Zhaoyang's footsteps as she walked in.

She bent over his computer and switched off the music.

Huo Yunting's eyes fluttered open. He blinked slowly a few times before noticing the documents she had put on his desk. After a reflexive frown, he opened his hand.

Lu Zhaoyang had a pen ready and placed it in his palm.

He took his time signing the documents. When he was done, she presented the invitation letter to him.

"An invitation by Waning Jade Auctioneers."

Huo Yunting threw a lazy glance at the letter. "Dress up. You're going with me."

Lu Zhaoyang replied tactfully, "You have so many other secretaries to choose from. Besides, it's not too late in the day to invite Ms Mo."

She never liked this kind of event anyway.

With a man like Huo Yunting, it was hard to tell if there were any surprises around the corner.

"But you are the only secretary who is also my wife." He raised an eyebrow and tossed the invitation letter back onto his desk. His eyes ran along her curves and stopped at her face. "Put on something nice and don't embarrass me. The company will pay for it."

"... Alright!"

She gathered the documents and took her leave, but before she could reach the door, the music started blaring again.

She slammed the door shut. What a selfish man!

At three in the afternoon, she left the company with Huo Yunting's credit card to make herself look presentable for the occasion.

Three hours later, Huo Yunting's car stopped at the specialty store she went to.

He was about to step out of the car when he saw a flash of maya blue running his way.

Huo Yunting barely had time to appreciate the view when the woman was already right in front of him. "Get in the car!"

The two of them sat in the back row of the car. Huo Li looked at them through the rearview mirror and whistled. "Ma'am, you look stunning today!"

Lu Zhaoyang's face was a little red from her light jog to the car. Her chest heaved under the blue dress. Her eyes blinked rapidly as she gazed forward, her lashes quivering invitingly.

To Huo Yunting, she was a feast for the eyes.

How alluring He felt like kissing her

With the thought, came the action.

Lu Zhaoyang was still panting when Huo Yunting put his right hand behind her head and pulled her in.

Their lips melted into each other, and a passionate kiss unfolded.

Her makeup and outfit were all the handiwork of a professional stylist. She wore a maya blue dress made of chiffon with a few tiny flowers around the neck. It looked ordinary at the first glance, but it was actually a backless dress.

Huo Yunting slid his warm hand against the exposed flesh of her back, slowly and gently fondling her.

The atmosphere in the car escalated quickly into a blazing fire of sex and want.

"Mmm" She needed to catch a breath.

Huo Yunting loosened his lips on hers, but his hands did not leave her spine. The touch felt so hot on her skin.

She thought his eyes looked even hotter.

Before Huo Yunting reached his hand to her back, he also thought that the dress was of a conversative design.

However, the stylist proved to be adventurous, and so did she.

He liked it.