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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 58

Her makeup was refreshing. Her long hair was tied up into a bun, decorated with small lilac flowers. The makeup and evening dress were both customized just for her.

So beautiful, so angelic She looked gorgeous and elegant.

He pushed himself closer to her and whistled, impressed. "You look beautiful."

"Glad you're happy." She smiled and wriggled uncomfortably against his touch. "Please let me go, I'm feeling a little hot."

"Turn on the air-conditioner."

Her skin was as smooth as jade he always knew that.

However, given the way she looked today, he simply could not take his hands off her.

Lu Zhaoyang was speechless against his tactics. He would have pulled her in for an embrace when she felt cold, but turned up the air conditioner when she felt hot double standards much?

There were already plenty of luxurious cars parked outside the building of Waning Jade Auctioneers. It seemed that there would be some high value items up for grabs that night.

Lu Zhaoyang linked arms with Huo Yunting and entered the event hall. A dashing man with his arm around an angelic lady companion greeted them.

She recognized him as the legendary Mu Xian, also known as Mu Lao Er.

This friend of Huo Yunting was just like him good-looking, capricious, seemingly harmless, but in truth a bane of society.

As the second son in the family, he was rumoured to be the next head of the Mu family. Waning Jade Auctioneers was their family business.

Mu Xian's attention lingered on Lu Zhaoyang. Her bewitching curves caught him off guard.

Soon, he noticed that someone else was looking at him too, and quickly gathered himself with a smile, as though he was not lost for a moment there. "Brother Ting, I arranged for you to have a VIP seat. That's what friends are for, right?"

Huo Yunting smirked. "Do you think I can't get a seat there without you?"

"... You're right, my mistake."

Before they could walk any further, the rest of the guests in the hall noticed Huo Yunting's arrival and came to greet him as well.

Lu Zhaoyang slowly removed her arm from his. This was the first time they presented themselves as a pair to be public since their marriage. She took a quick glance at Huo Yunting's benign smile and knew that something bad was about to happen.

"Ting, long time no see!" The guests greeted him warmly. The event would already be worthwhile if they could connect with Huo Yunting, if only briefly.

"President He, how do you do." Huo Yunting put his hand around Lu Zhaoyang's back as he faced the man with mirth in his eyes.

President He noticed the gesture and took another look at Lu Zhaoyang. "Your girlfriend is so beautiful, what luck you have!"

She was more than beautiful. She had flawless features and a voluptuous body donning a gown fit for the angels. The woman was as tempting as the devil.

Girlfriend? What was he thinking?

Lu Zhaoyang disliked the label and wanted to get away quickly, but Huo Yunting kept her rooted to the spot, leaving her no choice but to continue greeting the guests with a fake smile plastered to her face.

She waited for Huo Yunting to correct the man, but Huo merely smiled.

Since no objections were heard, the other guests continued along the same lines and praised Lu Zhaoyang's appearance and Huo Yunting's good fortune.

Lu Zhaoyang was surprised to see Huo Yunting in the mood to spend so much time with these people.

She was sure that he did not recognize most of them.

As the guests continued talking, some even suggested that Lu Zhaoyang appreciated him more.

Just when Lu Zhaoyang was about to speak up to clarify things, Huo Yunting beat her to it.