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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 59

"Everyone, the auction is about to begin, please excuse us."

"Yes, quite right, we should be going too."

"President Huo, let's have a chat next time!"

Huo Yunting nodded and walked her inside with his hand still on the small of her back. Mu Xian had been watching the entire exchange, and now he followed the pair inside and sat beside them.

Intricately designed chandeliers illuminated the event hall. Lu Zhaoyang sat down and felt a heavy load off her chest.

Since she did not have to follow his lead and behave anymore, she flashed a few angry glares at him.

However, she was caught too soon when his eyes met hers the second time in.

Huo Yunting's eyes were twinkling with amusement as he turned his body to face her.

She immediately reached for the bottle of wine on the table and poured him a glass to avoid attention.

Huo Yunting ignored the wine and continued to study her intently. He whispered by her ear, right under the noses of the other guests. "You better appreciate me"

"For what? They said you're the lucky one!" She retaliated quietly.

He laughed it off and lifted her head up slowly by the chin. "You're right. Marrying my sister makes me quite the lucky one."

The warm breath on her ear was tingling. She could not help but moved away from him.

What a buffoon! Besides, that's way too affectionate!

"Look at you two, all lovey-dovey!" The lady beside Mu Xian hid her mouth behind her hands, her eyes disappearing in her smile.

"We're not like that!" Lu Zhaoyang quickly shook her head in denial.

"Isn't like what?" Huo Yunting asked like the jerk he was.

Why was she so quick to clarify their relationship? If she was willing to say more on the topic, he would certainly be willing to expose the entire truth.

Mu Xian tasted his drink in affected nonchalance while the lady beside him continued to look at them, waiting for Lu Zhaoyang to continue.

"President, the auction is about to begin."

He said this with a smile, but Lu Zhaoyang felt a chill rise within her, and quickly switched topics.

An attendant brought four booklets to them. Lu Zhaoyang was in the mood to wine and dine, so she focused on reading her booklet.

The lady beside Mu Xian seemed to be getting along splendidly with the man, speaking intimately with him. Beside Lu Zhaoyang, Huo Yunting was eating.

The auction began shortly after, but her heart was not into it.

"Not having any?" Huo Yunting's question brought her mind back to the present. She realized that she had stopped flipping through the booklet for a while now.

"The necklace is beautiful," she said to mask her distracted mind.

Huo Yunting took only a quick glance at the necklace. "Have something to eat first."

She closed the booklet. With the voices of people bidding on items and Huo Yunting's idle conversation with Mu Xian in the background, she slowly relaxed and enjoyed her dessert.

As expected, sweet delicacies lifted her mood.

A pretty lady on the stage spoke through the mic in her sweet voice with a smile and pointed at a blue necklace hanging on her arm. "Next is the second last item in tonight's auction Astria!"

It was the necklace that Lu Zhaoyang had pointed at random to Huo Yunting. It was a beauty indeed, and the center of everyone's attention.

Lu Zhaoyang found that it looked even better than the pictures in the booklet suggested.

The auctioneer introduced the necklace. "Astria is 30.02 carat, cut from rare blue diamond. With a color as mesmerizing as the ocean with spectacular clarity, this is an ostentatious but a luxurious piece of jewellery. Starting price is five million. The minimum bid increment is 200 thousand. Let's begin!"