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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 60

Several offers echoed in the room.

"5.5 million!"

"6 million!"

"7 million!"

"TEN! TEN million!"

Someone actually bidded ten million for the pendant.

Lu Zhaoyang took a quick glance at the marvelous pendant doubling in price within the first few minutes. For some reason, the pendant looked all the more beautiful.

"Ten million once!" Shouted the host.

The bidder was jiggling in joy as he jumped up and down, waving the little signpost like a concert fan beside his curvy woman.

It was a fine investment if ten million could win over the heart of his beloved.

"20 million," said Huo profoundly, not even bothered to raise the cheesy signpost.

"20 million coming from President Huo," announced the host as he beamed at Huo.

It was already a peak hard to conquer when someone was insane enough to toss a ten-million offer, now there is this more insane person who offered 20 million who just so happened to be Mr. Huo Yunting, president of the Thunderbolt Corp., the real deal of the occasion.

And nobody wanted to mess with a strong player of the market over an overpriced accessory when they pleaded to work with him.

The audience gasped softly as all gazes went upon the woman sitting next to the fearsome master. A few seconds passed, their gazes softened.

Hah so he's also trying to win over his woman huh?

"20 million, once!"

Wait, what? What just happened?

The offer was too grand that it stunned Lu for the past few seconds, till the announcement woke her up, and she quickly tugged the bad boy.

"Yes?" Responded Huo.

"What the heck you're doing?" Whispered Lu. The line just came to her.

"Money is all I have. I want some pretty jewelry so I don't look poor," he grabbed her wrists and nonchalantly raised his hand, "30 million please."


What the actual eff, is Huo Yunting insane?

I have never seen anyone bidding on *his* own offer!

"Okay, you know what, you are rich, but Huo Yunting, be calm."

"I am calm, very calm in fact, unlike someone."


The fact that a sudden offer of 30 million coming from the same person had shocked the announcer to silence for a few seconds, even Mo Xuan was feeling bewildered.

Brother, are you sure?

"30 million once!"

"30 million twice!"

"30 million thrice SOLD! Congratulations President Huo for this beautiful jewelry!"

The sound of the gavel led to a thunderous applause from the audience, during which the president dragged his woman all the way to the stage.

She could feel countless gazes of attention firing upon her. There was envy, probably curiosity too, that she felt her back freezing from the unnecessary attention again.

Nonetheless she was being unnecessarily cautious as well, since the news of them being totally unrelated brother and sister had not reached the public despite Mo Shan's accidental reveal at the office back then.

The spotlight came upon the two.

They had become the focus of the auction.

"Now, we shall proceed with the pay-" President Huo had enough with the procedure as he walked towards the jewelry, interrupting the announcement, and seized it away from the hostess.

No one dared to make a sound.

Lu stood next to her, with fear in her eyes as she saw the giant hands rounded her neck. The frigidity of metal and jewels caught her off guard as it spiked her, despite the gentleness of the hands.

She was shivering in fright. The more gentle the president acted, the more afraid she was.

She was fair in complexion by nature, while the blue skirt demonstrated her cool personality. Now with the blue diamond resting between her seductive collar bones, it was a perfect stage for such jewel, a successful fashion piece.

"Not bad. It suits you a lot," whispered Huo as he brought his finger out of her chin, his eyes were watery yet dominating.