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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 61

What a move from President Huo Yunting, just when all the journalists were there with their recorders and cameras. He literally pushed her into the eye of the storm.

Huo Yunting! You did it on purpose, didn't you!

Was he avenging himself or was he testing something out?

He was such a lovable gentleman as he caressed her in the eyes of the public, yet only one person in the entire hall knew that it was merely his acting.

"Thank you sir," she smiled briefly.

Well, we are already at this point, gotta keep the show running.

As the applause subsided, they sat back, awaiting for the last item to be presented.

It was such a pain to stay on her nerves all the time, especially when her man was truly "helpful" with his sociable and "amicable" nature, while having an enjoyable time chit-chatting with Mu Xuan. She almost had the urge to pull away the pendant from her neck just to smack it onto his face!

"Oh Huo, my brother, thank you for your kind donation," said Mu Xuan as he lifted the wine to him, "I suddenly got 30 million in my bank account out of nowhere, all thanks to you. As brothers, no further words needed, cheers!"

He then drank the entire glass of wine, with a gleeful glance at Lu.

"It's nothing," said Huo with a sip, "Just treat me a few more drinks next time."

"Sure, no problem!"

The auction had officially ended under the announcement of the host, yet no one dared to leave the scene, not before the 30 million lord initiated his departure.

Due to Huo's little gesture just now, a huge flock of journalists had raided the gates outside, awaiting to have a moment with the domineering president.

The second Huo pushed the gate open like a boss, cameras flashed like twinkling stars in the sky. He advanced forward, with a hand still remaining at Lu's waist. The headline after tonight would no doubt be interesting.

"Hello, President Huo! I heard you have invested 30 million on a necklace, is it the one on her neck?" Asked one journalist.

"That aside. Don't you think it looks good on her?" Huo Yunting smiled proudly as he asked, since he felt the price was totally worth it for something worn by his woman.

"Yes, sir, very yes!"

"It makes her more charming!" The blind compliments showered the couple like bullets, which only got louder every moment, that Lu's awkward smile began twitching.

"Hey, President Huo, what is between you and this fair lady if I may ask?" That was the question of the night after all.

Well, it was blatant that both of them did not share a simple relationship.

The question stunned Lu as she shuddered, with the frequency of camera flashes intensified.

Huo Yunting rested his gaze upon her, the statement gradually escaped, "We"

What?! What are we?

Lu could feel her palms sweating.

Silence took over for a few moments, before the president in question lifted his head again, with his signature smile looking at the camera this time, "We are pretty close."

Close? Pretty close? How close?

The reply only got Lu more nervous.

When it came to wordplay, no one did it better than the president.

"Pretty close? How?"

"Is she your boyfriend?"

"Or perhapsyour fiance?"

The journalists began tossing their own speculations which grew more ridiculous the more they spoke.

The president held his woman and delivered a final smile before he stormed out of the crowd.

Back into his Rolls-Royce, Lu finally could catch a breath as her head leaned against the window, her eyes looked out.

Huo Yunting's eyes kept wandering upon his woman who was too tired to pick up a fight at the moment.

"What's wrong?" He said, sneering as he tilted towards her, "Did I say something wrong at the gate? Aren't we close enough for being at negative distance? I broke the boundary after all, with a few drills."

"Hmph," she snorted.

She knew what he was playing tonight.

He just wants to mess with me, as usual!

I would need to alert the police if one day Huo Yunting stopped mentally abusing me.

"Hmm, it looks like I have to go deep further tonight. So you'll remember."

He sat back and leaned against the back of his chair, with his eyes closed.

Lu was there, crossing her fingers, cracking her fingers, taking a few deep breath, trying to keep her senses, although unsure when she would blow up again.