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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 66

Lu Zhaoyang studied her for a few seconds before putting her computer on sleep mode and stepping outside with her.

She still had not dealt with Yu Man'er regarding the incident last time. What would she be up to now?

In the stairwell, Yu Man'er looked around them furtively and said, "Secretary Lu, it's not a big deal, but the thing is"

Before she could finish, she saw a man appear quietly behind Lu Zhaoyang. She swallowed heavily and continued, "Did you see the news this morning? Isn't the president your brother? The media can be impudent! Have you thought about how to handle it?"

Lu Zhaoyang frowned. What a bunch of gossipers she had around her! This woman was probably acting under Mo Shan's orders.

"That's none of your business "

Lu Zhaoyang was cut off by a pain behind her head. Yu Man'er's figure became blurry.

A few seconds later, she fell backwards and lost consciousness.

Yu Man'er looked at Lu Zhaoyang, laying unconscious on the floor, and jumped back in fright.

Mo Shan stepped out of a dark corner and kicked Lu's legs. Her eyes were filled with darkness and hatred.

"Someone must teach her to learn her place! Carry her!"

Mo Shan ordered the man. Her face twisted, reflecting the envy and loathing in her heart.

The man carried Lu Zhaoyang on his shoulder without much effort. Mo Shan walked in front of him and never spared a look at Yu Man'er.

She's finished!



Huo Yunting looked at the empty desk and picked up a random document. He leafed through it carelessly and asked, "Where's Lu Zhaoyang?"

No one saw Yu Man'er and Lu Zhaoyang leaving together, so naturally they all shook their heads.

"Perhaps she's in the washroom. Let me check it out!" Xiao Yu stood up and left.

Huo Yunting returned the document back onto the desk and took out his cell phone to call Lu Zhaoyang, but he heard her phone ringing moments later on her desk.

He looked at the empty seat once again and frowned, losing his cynical edge quickly.

Yu Man'er was frozen on her seat. Her right hand was on the mouse, but she could feel a thin layer of sweat gathering there.

Xiao Yu returned swiftly. "President, I've checked a few of the washrooms, but I didn't see Secretary Lu."

Huo Yunting's expression darkened further. He made a speed dial on his phone as he said, "Check the tape with security. Lu Zhaoyang has gone missing!"

He left the secretary department immediately with a vicious aura that scared people out of his way.

Yu Man'er felt a chill slowly spreading from her neck right down along her spine. Her back felt cold and sweaty, and soon her entire body was shivering.

Huo Yunting must have called Huo Li!

Huo Li was rumoured to be ruthless and good at torturing people. Being so capable, he would definitely figure out very soon that Lu Zhaoyang had left the secretary department with her today.

What to do?

She dared not displease Mo Shan, but Huo Yunting was something else altogether.

Besides, Lu Zhaoyang was not just his secretary, but also his

Yu Man'er look even paler now. The line of thought frightened her so much that she leapt out of her seat and walked straight into Huo Yunting's office without even knocking the door.