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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 67

Huo Yunting knitted his brows, trying to figure out where Lu Zhaoyang could have been, and other possibilities.

When he heard the door open, his immediate thought was that she was back, and promptly opened his eyes.

It was Yu Man'er instead. He narrowed his eyes and put a cynical smile on his face as he watched the secretary walk toward him with palpable dread.

"President, I I know where Secretary Lu is!" Her hands were clenched so tightly they almost drew blood.

Huo Yunting smiled plainly and continued looking at her. "Go on."

"Please listen to me! She forced me to do it, I was only a helper! Ms Mo is powerful and influential. If word gets out, she will blame me for sure. I'm surrendering myself now, Mr President, so please, can you protect me?!"

She was deeply horrified.

Mo Shan never seemed to care about her. Yu Man'er knew that she could not count on that woman, and Huo Yunting was her only hope to save her skin.

"Get. To. The. Point."

When Huo Yunting heard her said "Ms Mo", his smile deepened. He rose slowly from his seat and spoke in a chilling voice.

Yu Man'er was immediately alarmed by his approaching figure. "She was brought to an abandoned warehouse in Chengnan!"

Huo Yunting walked out of the office. Huo Li was right outside, about to enter, but when he noticed the man's urgent pace, he knew that something had happened and followed behind him without any further questions.

Huo Yunting drove the car himself, speeding his way toward the abandoned warehouse in Chengnan.

Lu Zhaoyang Lu Zhaoyang!

Until you have paid your debt in full, nothing shall happen to you!

(Abandoned warehouse in Chengnan.)

Lu Zhaoyang awoke feeling dizzy. She was laying on some uneven wooden planks.

She was speaking to Yu Man'er, but suddenly lost consciousness.

Was she abducted?

Was this a kidnap?

Yu Man'er had worked together with Mo Shan before in modifying the contract documents. It was more than possible for her to be behind this too!

She sensed someone approaching her and opened her eyes. A few vulgar looking men were studying her with salacious eyes.

She jolted awake and tried to sit up. "I suggest that you let me go. You have no idea what's coming for you!"

"Let you go? What a doll!" The leader laughed and eyed her rudely. "I've never played with such a gorgeous beauty like you. The deed is already paid for, how can we just let you go?"

"Big bro, don't start chattering already, just ride her! What a looker, can't wait till it's our turn!"

A slender and tall man rubbed his hands together and studied her with a filthy look, hoping to get a glimpse of what was underneath her clothing.

"Out, out! The boss is first, the rest of you wait outside!" The man waved his men away and slowly, carefully walked towards Lu Zhaoyang. "This body This face Tsk tsk tsk, I can die happy if I can f*ck an angel like you!"

A few of the men laughed at that. "Boss, take it easy or you'll f*ck your way to heaven!"

The man grinned and took out a white pill from his pocket. "Let's play with a bit of excitement! Swallow this!"

Lu Zhaoyang kept her mouth shut. No points of guessing what the pill was.