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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 68

"You're a stubborn one! Doll, this will make you feel as high as a kite, not everyone gets to have a taste of it!" Abruptly, he seized her lower jaw and forced her mouth open.

She was already biting down hard on her teeth, but the man was too strong. She watched as he popped the pill into her mouth.

Before she could spit it out, the man slapped her mouth, and she swallowed the pill.

Lu Zhaoyang glared at him cautiously, her entire body tensed up.

"Haha! I'll see how long you can fight it!"

Five minutes later, her face slowly turned red. They enjoyed the transformation happening inside her while they took off their belts.

"That's a strong dose. You can't fight it forever, so just give in to us!"

The men had now removed their belts, their pants hanging dangerously loose around their waists.

"Aren't you suffering? Just cry 'brother', and I'll come to satisfy you!" He looked down at her as he played around with his belt.

The pill was highly effective. Lu Zhaoyang could already feel heat starting from her feet and spreading rapidly up into every cell in her body. She was also feeling weaker and weaker.

She bit down on her lips to stop herself from crying out, but there was nothing she could do to avoid the inevitable.

Her back was already against the wall. There was no escape.

Her hands were tied behind her back, giving her no means to retaliate.

Suddenly, she tasted something hot and salty on her tongue. Was it from her lips or her tongue? It did not matter. Only pain helped her protect the last shred of clarity in her mind.

"You're not saying it, are you?" Seeing blood drip out of her mouth stimulated the men even more. The leader tossed his belt aside and laughed. "Here I come! Come here, babe!"

No, no!

Stay away! She prayed and prayed inside, shutting her eyes and unwilling to accept her fate.

She shook her head in desperation as she heard stripping sounds, and knew that the man had slipped off his pants. Her heart sank hopelessly.

If only you were here, Chen...


The screaming took her by surprise. She opened her eyes weakly.

Was it him?!

Huo Yunting appeared out of nowhere and kicked down the man who had only boxers on. The latter howled in pain.

Huo Yunting then noticed the blood from the corner of her mouth and the unnatural blush on her face. His fingers immediately curled tightly into fists!

"Huo Li, take care of him, I don't care if he ends up dead!"

"Leave it to me!"

Huo Li had a pistol and a sharp military dagger in his hands as he leisurely approached the guy on the floor and delivered another kick.

The man screeched like an animal. "Oucchhh!! Ahhh!! Who, who is it?!"

He crawled to a stand and turned to Huo Yunting to fight back.

When he turned, however, a gun pushed itself against his priced candystick.

His hands went immediately to cover it. "Don't, please, brother! Forgive me!"

Huo Li smiled coldly and pulled the trigger. Bang! The bullet went straight through!

Blood gushed out like a river

Huo Yunting ignored the mess and raced toward Lu Zhaoyang.

For some reason, his arrival was reassuring to her.

She knew that he would help her escape safely. Such a selfish man would never allow anyone to humiliate her but him.