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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 69

He pulled a blade out of nowhere and cut the ropes around her wrists, lifted her up, and carried her across the warehouse as gunshots and screams took place.

Lu Zhaoyang lay in his embrace, his body scent overwhelming her. His elegant jawline, enticing neck, white collar, barely exposed skin underneath his shirt everything about him screamed for her attention.

She bit down even harder to keep herself sane, and held on tightly to his shirt until he put her down on the car's backseat.

Lu Zhaoyang curled herself on the backseat while Huo Yunting started the car and sped away from the warehouse.

Huo Yunting's hands were firmly on the steering wheel. He stepped on the accelerator, dividing his attention between the road traffic and her condition.

Lu Zhaoyang's face was flushed. She had already tore open her collar, but she still bit down hard on her teeth.

Idiotic woman! That's a lot of blood, does she want to mutilate her tongue?

He braked abruptly, pulled over, and stopped the car. He turned back to her and asked, "Do you want my help?"

"No" Whatever autonomy she still had forced her to shook her head. It looked like she was going to tear a hole in her tongue soon.

"Lu Zhaoyang, I think you're setting yourself up to become a mute!"

Huo Yunting climbed to the backseat and squeezed her mouth, forcing her to loosen her jaws. He immediately lowered his head down for a kiss on her bloody lips.

Their bodies met, and Lu Zhaoyang's stubbornness slowly gave way to him.

When he was inside her, she lost all restraint and moved under the effects of the pill, going along with his every beck and call.

In the tiny space inside the car, man and woman moaned to their heart's content.

When it was finally over, Lu Zhaoyang's head began to clear up as she closed her eyes and curled herself deeper into the backseat. Huo Yunting covered her with his jacket, returned to the driver's seat, and drove to the nearest hospital.

The smell of antiseptic in the hospital was strong. Lu Zhaoyang woke up with a beffudled mind, feeling pain all over her body. There was the sound of someone talking in the background.

It sounded like Huo Yunting. Slowly, memories of what they did in the car came back to her, and her face turned red.

When she heard footsteps leaving her, she opened her eyes carefully and saw Huo Yunting sitting beside her bed.

"Congratulations, Ms Lu. You nearly bit your tongue to shreds. Forget about speaking and eating normally in the next few weeks."

There was a cup of hot coffee on the table. Ever the dramatist, Huo Yunting picked it up elegantly and sipped. "This tastes wonderful."


She loved coffee.

"Come, try it yourself." Huo Yunting put the cup to her lips.

She turned to the face the other side of the bed.

"Looks like you're healthy enough to oppose me, still."

He smiled and removed the blanket covering her in one sweep.

Lu Zhaoyang lay unwillingly in his arms as he carried her out of the hospital. Since she hid her face in his arms to avoid the attention, she did not see how many envious stares she was getting.

Back at their residence, Huo Yunting carried her all the way inside.

This was not the first time he carried her in their home, but this time her shoulders and legs reached beyond his jacket were exposed for everyone to see.

The servants took one glance at them and quickly looked away.

Back in their room, Huo Yunting gently put Lu Zhaoyang into the bathtub, already filled with warm water. "Do you want to wash yourself, or should I help?"