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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 72

She did not want to mess with the wrong person.

She passed a quick glance at President Du who bowed there like a servant and she carried on walking, disregarding his apology.

"Well, President Du," Huo replied, satisfied, "Try a full body checkup for that defect of yours when you're free, though we won't be there for you."

President Du stumbled. He had heard the president of Thunderbolt Corp. being a ruthless speaker and it appeared to be very true.

He looked at the president leaving the grassfield like the king of beasts, the silhouette shrunk along with the more graceful figure. For some reason, he felt as though the man was looking at his secretary the whole time.

It was a sunny day, yet President Du could feel chills down his spine. "Dang it," he slapped his face, "My stupid mouth, not again?"

His company had just transferred from the other city and he almost thought he was blessed for he was able to get along with the bigshot company. Well, almost indeed. If he would learn to shut his mouth at the right time, they would have signed the contract.

What to do then?

Huo Yunting who left the hotel early had brought Lu Zhaoyang back to the office. The secretary wanted to review some documents, yet her president kindly "invited" her to his office, "What? I have a lot to do you know, it's not about th-"

That was when she saw the two insulation bottles on the table.

It was meal time.

"Come, allow me to feed you," Huo Yunting nonchalantly asked, uninformed about Lu's wounded tongue at the golf course just now.

Obediently, she opened her mouth wide. The view was not that bad from Huo's perspective.

He then took the containers and headed straight to the sofa, while Lu followed him lazily since she was dead-hungry justifiable through her soulless eyes seeing the president sauntering.

If her tongue was not in pain, she would have shouted, "Would you just feed the food already?"

Huo Yunting halted the movement, as he gazed at the hungry kitten before her.

Dang it, she's cute like this. I have to do something!

Thinking so, he got close to her almost cheek-to-cheek, "Kiss me or no food."

Lu Zhaoyang was making an eyeroll, though she gave a brief kiss.

It was a loving moment after all.

Surprisingly, the lust-thirsty devil stayed still after one simple kiss.

Huo removed the lid, as columns of steam escaped along with a scent of ginger that wafted through the air. Lu could see the clear yellowish liquid inside.

It's soup!

She took a deep breath, imagining it to be her favorite, the carp soup, yet to her disappointment, it was mere chicken soup.

Huo Yunting caught her disappointment and responded, "Just a change of course. You'll still have your favorite tonight."

"Mhm!" She nodded vigorously in joy.

Huo Yunting fed her one full spoon after another. She actually finished two large bowls of them.

The president pulled a piece of napkin to wipe her mouth clean, with his expressive eyes fixed upon her. "Okay, all done." He tossed the crumpled napkin into the bin, a three-point shot.

He started digging after that, before Lu could leave the sofa, "You'll be taking your break here. You aren't leaving."

That kept Lu glued on the sofa.

The spacious office was silent, as she could hear her man chewing as well as the clock ticking on the wall behind her.

Huo Yunting enjoyed every bit of his lunch, it was more scrumptious when eating before his woman, as he wiped his mouth, "You'll be reviewing the document today, here."

Well, it was only natural for her to nod to this since that was what she usually did, helping out at his office.

Lu worked till later in that afternoon, when another secretary came in to pass some documents to the president. In her slight bewilderment wondering where the chief secretary went again, she was a bit astonished seeing the chief secretary doing her routine work at the President's Office. She could not help but to take a glance at the hardworking girl.

Huo Yunting usually would not act much upon the gesture, yet today, he was acting abnormal.