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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 78

"Come sit over here!" She gestured at the single-seated sofa beside her that was facing Huo Yunting.

Lu Zhaoyang sat down. She kept her feet together on one side and had her hands rested on her lap a standard sitting posture of a lady.

"I hear that you work at your brother's company. He never treats anything seriously, so please look after him."

The old missus knew that anyone who could work under Huo Yunting, especially as the head secretary, must be very capable. Moreover, it was nice to have someone looking out for clingy and inappropriate women around him.

The absurd incident with her eldest son must never be repeated in the Huo Family!

"Of course, it is my duty." She ignored Huo Yunting's lingering eyes on her and nodded with a smile.

"Grandma, are you doubting me? Let me get this clear, please don't try to convince me for 'that guy'. I am not inheriting the Huo family business."

He hardly had enough time to manage his own company. Besides, he had cut ties with the Huo family.

"Oh, child, I know you're capable, but you know the saying the bond between father and son is unbreakable. Speak with your father later, and don't be so pig-headed!"

Old Mrs Huo's words sounded like she was chastising him, but in fact she did not mean to do so. The matter of Huo Zhenning's decision to marry Xue Yuming was also difficult for her.

Lu Zhaoyang understood from the old lady's response that her mother was going to have a hard time gaining her favor.

"You're wrong, grandma. What people actually say is that the bond between husband and wife is unbreakable. A couple may fight, but they always make up in the end, although what they do to actually make up Sister, do you know how they do it?"

Huo Yunting suddenly dragged Lu Zhaoyang into the conversation.

Surely that was intentional?

How was she supposed to answer that?!

"Yunting, be serious. She is not involved in this matter, so don't make it difficult for her. She is your sister!"

"I know, that's why I'm asking her and not some random outsider." He picked up a cup of steaming hot tea. "This tea, did you bring it back from abroad?"

Old Mrs Huo went along with the change in topic and smiled expectantly. "Try it. It's fruit tea, I like it very much."

Huo Yunting and the old missus chatted happily, with Lu Zhaoyang occasionally joining in with tact. The old lady was very pleased with her fine behavior.

It seemed that elder thought Lu Zhaoyang was not responsible for what happened and did not blame her for the marriage. This came as a relief for Lu Zhaoyang.

At night, when it was time for dinner, Lu met her mother when on her way to the washroom.

"Yang Yang, how are you getting along? Is she being difficult for you?"

The old hag had not treated her well that day, so Xue Yuming tried to avoid her unless it was absolutely necessary to meet.

"No, we're getting along fine. Grandma's quite adorable."

Knowing what the old missus thought of her mother, Lu Zhaoyang had not mentioned her mother even once in their conversation.

"I'm glad."

Xue Yuming let out a deep breath. Since she had married into the family, she would have to work harder and win the heart of the old woman, no matter what it takes.

During dinnertime, old Mrs Huo sat at the main seat of the dining table and seemed to be in a good mood. Xue Yuming asked with a polite smile if she had encountered anything interesting.

Old Mrs Huo enjoyed having company around her and did not mind Xue Yuming's question, so she replied by casually stating a few things on her mind.

"They say that good mood is important to get healthy faster and look younger. No wonder you look better already, mum!" Xue Yuming said.