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Warrior's Promise Chapter 166

Wei Rufeng was incredibly powerful and easily defeated Su Hai.

"Wei Rufeng won!"

Lin De, the housekeeper of Mansion of City Governor, was still the host of the martial arts competition.

Wei Rufeng stood in the fighting ring, glanced provokingly at the Sus, and stepped out of the ring with a scoff.

On the Sus spectators stand, Su Hong and other elders of the Sus all looked incredibly upset.

The martial arts competition was almost done, and Wei Rufeng was practically peerless. He had already defeated six disciples of the Sus in a row.

Also, he was very heavy-handed and seriously injured every disciple of the Sus he defeated.

"This boy is too arrogant!" said Su Hong with a surly expression.

"Humph! He might not gloat for long. My son Su Yu also entered Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm, and he can definitely defeat him!" the First Elder said with a haughty laugh.

As a genius with the highest level Martial Soul in the Sus, Su Yu had surpassed Su Tianhao to become the number one expert among the younger Su generation.

The First Elder was very excited.

He had always wanted to replace Su Hong as the leader of the Sus.

Last year, Su Mo had won the Sunnywood City martial arts competition, shocking the entire city.

This forced the First Elder to temporarily abandon his ambition. However, Su Yu's talent was now in full effect, and his cultivation had greatly improved, so the first elder's desires revived.

Su Hong frowned as he heard the First Elder's words.

He was not worried about Su Yu being weaker than Wei Rufeng, but about his own son.

Su Mo had left Sunnywood City for almost a year, and there were still no words from him. Su Hong was very worried, and he was not sure if Su Mo had successfully been enlisted by Gale Island.

If Su Mo did not return in a couple more months, Su Hong would go to Gale Island to see himself.

"The next match, Su Tianhao VS. Lin Qiong!"

Accompanied by Lin De's voice, Su Tianhao and Lin Qiong went up.

Soon, the two were fighting fiercely.

"Ugh! It seems like Su Tianhao is going to lose!" said Su Mo with a sigh as he watched the battle.

Su Tianhao and Lin Qiong both had cultivations at the Peak Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm.

However, Lin Qiong led the pace of the battle because of her strong swordsmanship.

Su Mo guessed that Su Tianhao would definitely be defeated within 10 moves.

Lin Qiong was the daughter of the city governor and rumored to be a disciple of the Sky Rapier Sect. Her swordsmanship was indeed very skilled.

However, compared to Su Yu of the Sus and Wei Rufeng of the Weis, Lin Qiong was not so powerful.

Su Mo's guess was correct.

After eight more moves, Lin Qiong's sword fell on Su Tianhao's neck.

"Lin Qiong won!" Lin De announced.

Then, the next battle began.

Su Mo's eyes narrowed at the sight in the fighting ring, and they glinted with cold light.

Another battle was about to begin.

The two competitors were Su Heng of the Sus and Lin Xiao, the son of the city governor.

Su Mo smiled coldly. He would never forget how Lin Xiao sent people to kill him and abduct Xi'er.

In the fighting ring, the handsome Lin Xiao said to Su Heng with a smile, "Su Heng, you're no match for me, but since we're friends, I'll go easy on you!"

Su Heng also smiled and said, "Son of the city governor, our cultivations are not too far apart, so you won't beat me easily!"

"Really? Then give it your best shot!"

Lin Xiao scoffed and swung his palm towards Su Heng.

Su Heng also forcefully swung his fist to hit back. After a close battle of more than 30 moves, Su Heng still lost.

"I told you that you were no match for me!"

Lin Xiao laughed coldly and walked out of the fighting ring haughtily.

Battles continued in the fighting ring.

Wei Rufeng and Su Yu had the most outstanding performances.

Wei Rufeng was unsurprisingly very powerful because he had a cultivation at the Peak Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.

On the other hand, Su Yu was not much weaker than Wei Rufeng. He had a cultivation at the early stage of Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm, and he was equally invincible.

Soon, the martial arts competition reached its final stage.

A bit after Su Yu defeated Lin Qiong, the most anticipated battle of the martial arts competition was finally happening!

"Su Yu VS. Wei Rufeng!" Lin De shouted, causing the entire martial practice field to erupt in cheers.

The tall Su Yu strode into the fighting ring in a purple robe.

"Wei Rufeng, today I'll show you who the top genius of Sunnywood City really is!" said Su Yu coldly.

Su Yu was very confident in himself. After he entered the Sky Yuan Sect and met a few Senior Brothers with powerful cultivation, he was able to acquire many cultivation resources that allowed him to quickly reach Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Also, he cultivated two very powerful martial arts techniques in the Sky Yuan Sect, so even though Wei Rufeng's cultivation was slightly stronger than his, he was still confident that he could beat Wei Rufeng.

"The top genius of Sunnywood City?"

Wei Rufeng chuckled and scoffed, "I'll show you that you're a piece of trash. Not only are you trash, but all the disciples of the Sus are trash!"


Su Yu was enraged to hear this, and Qi began erupting in his body. Heavy genuine Qi stirred inside him.


Wei Rufeng took out his long saber and pointed it towards Su Yu. He also erupted with Qi and was equally matched to Su Yu.

The battle was close to the beginning!

Everyone in the audience watched the two men in the fighting ring closely.

Su Mo also watched with great interest. He wanted to see who would win.

"Brother Su Yu, you're the top genius of Sunnywood City! You can do it!" a ringing and melodic voice suddenly said.

Su Mo turned to see who had spoken.

A green-clothed maiden nearby was watching Su Yu with an adoring smile.

The maiden had an elegant body, and although her face was not exceptionally beautiful, she was still pretty.

Su Mo was very familiar with this young girl.

She was Liu Yushan, Su Mo's childhood sweetheart and cousin.

In the past, Liu Yushan had abandoned Su Mo because his Martial Soul was too weak, and she chose Su Yu instead.

When Su Mo won first place in the Sunnywood City martial arts competition, Liu Yushan started to regret her decision.

However, Su Yu did not let her down. In only a year, his cultivation flew to Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Liu Yushan was delighted with her choice!

In the fighting ring, Su Yu heard Liu Yushan, but he did not say anything back.

Faced with the powerful Wei Rufeng, he was confident but not careless.


Wei Rufeng soon shouted and made his first attack. His saber swung towards Su Yu, spewing crimson saber Qi.


Su Yu violently waved his fists to hit Wei Rufeng back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Saber radiance shone, fist shadows flew everywhere, and explosions sounded constantly.

Wei Rufeng and Su Yu fought a close battle.

Compared to the other battles, their battle was 100 times fiercer.

In the blink of an eye, the two had fought dozens of moves, but there was still no clear winner.

"Su Yu, you deserve to see my strongest combat strength!"

Wei Rufeng suddenly shouted and his saber force increased a lot.

"Roaring Flame Saber Style Roaring Flame Burns Cities!"

Crimson genuine Qi flew towards Su Yu like a ball of raging fire.

"Strong Gale Fist!"

Su Yu did not back down and also increased his fistplay in power. His fist force swung around like a raging and roaring wind.


As their attacks collided, Su Yu was at a disadvantage and was struck back by three steps.

"Haha! Lose!"

Wei Rufeng laughed crazily and endlessly attacked Su Yu.

"Roaring Flame in the Sky!"

"Roaring Flame Burning the Sky!"

Against Wei Rufeng's Roaring Flame Saber Style, Su Yu soon showed signs of defeat and backed down again and again.

Wei Rufeng's Roaring Flame Saber Style was extremely powerful. He had cultivated it for more than two years and achieved the Peak of Minor Completion.

Although Su Yu also used two types of good fistplay, he did not master them well and was unable to withstand Wei Rufeng.

"Go down!"

Wei Rufeng crazily swung his long saber, with one attack more powerful than before.


Finally, after several moves, Su Yu was finally cut down from the fighting ring.

Everyone was silent.

Su Yu had lost!

With a cultivation of Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm, he was still no match for Wei Rufeng.

On the spectators stand of the Weis, the Master of the Weis, Wei Wankong, was all smiles.

On the spectators stand of the Sus, Su Hong looked incredibly sullen. The Sus had been completely defeated in the Sunnywood City martial arts competition.

The First Elder of the Sus also looked very upset. He was just telling Su Hong how Su Yu could defeat Wei Rufeng, but the reality was the complete opposite.


Wei Rufeng stood laughing in the fighting ring, looking around with a haughty demeanor.

"Su Yu, I was right! You're trash, and all disciples of the Sus are trash!"

He shouted.

Su Yu looked angry, but as a loser, he had nothing to say back.

The other disciples of the Sus were enraged by Wei Rufeng's jeers, but they were too weak to fight him.

Suddenly, a cold voice said, "Wei Rufeng, it seems I didn't discipline you well enough last year!"