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Warrior's Promise Chapter 253

After traveling for half a day, Tong Wanqiu and her group returned to Blackjade City.

The Tongs are one of the top ten families in Blackjade City and had two experts in the True Spirit Realm.

Tong Lian, Tong Wanqiu's father and Master of the Tongs, was at the Lv 2 True Spirit Realm.

"Father, can you take a look at his injuries? How long will it take him to wake up?"

As soon as Tong Wanqiu returned to the Tongs, she brought Su Mo to her father to have him inspected.

The main reason Tong Wanqiu brought Su Mo with her was that she was exceptionally kind and it would be a shame to see him dismembered by beasts.

She was also curious about how Su Mo could avoid being bitten by a Class 5 Lv 2 demonic beast.

Even experts at the peak of the Spiritual Martial Realm who had cultivated advanced Body Refining Skill, when passed out, could not defend against the fangs of a Class 5 Lv 2 demonic beast!

"Let me take a look!"

Tong Lian was around 40 years old and had a smooth and commanding face.

He checked Su Mo's pulse, injected him with a bit of Genuine Vitality to check his organs, and finally said, "His Qi is relatively stable, but his internal organs have suffered extreme trauma. However, he is not unconscious because of his injuries, but because of the turbulent Qi blood in his brain after being hit. This is not a serious issue. Give him a Spiritual Darkness Pill, and he'll wake up in three hours!"

Tong Wanqiu smiled warmly and said, "I'm glad to hear that the injuries aren't serious!"

Tong Lian saw that his daughter had grown quite attached to this unconscious man. He weighed his words and then said, "Qiu'er, you're too kind! You brought this man in without knowing anything about him!"

He sighed and continued, "How about I arrange for someone to take care of him for a couple of days, and we send him on his way when he awakens?"

Tong Wanqiu nodded. She knew her father was right.

Her father was right. She would not let a stranger stay in the Tong house.

Then, they gave Su Mo a Spiritual Darkness Pill, arranged for someone to take care of him, and left.

After two days, Su Mo's finger trembled slightly.

Then, his eyes flew open.


Su Mo sprung up suddenly. His first thought was that he was in danger and that he had to escape, it would be no good to stay for a long time.

However, when he saw his surroundings, he was shocked.

He was in an extravagant room, lying on a large, soft bed. There was a servant cleaning the room, who he was staring at in shock.

"What's going on? Why am I here? Where am I?"

Su Mo's head was filled with questions. He recalled that he had been chased by Pang He of the Sky Alliance and then had come to a river.

Just as he was about to dive, Pang He threw him a punch that was strong enough to crush a mountain.

Even though he used the Final Hit of Heavenly Wind, which was the strongest move of Divine Wind Swordplay, he still could not defend himself. After being hit by the strong punch, he fell unconscious!

"Where am I?" Su Mo asked the servant.

The servant had been rattled by Su Mo's sudden jump, and he said after a while, "This is the Tong Mansion!"

"Tong Mansion?"

Su Mo asked confusedly, "Where is the Tong Mansion?"

"The Tong Mansion is obviously in Blackjade City!" answered the servant.

Su Mo became even more confused. Tong Mansion? Blackjade City? He had heard of neither of them before!

"What country is Blackjade City in? How did I get here?" Su Mo asked again.

"Blackjade City is in the Daqing Country. You aren't from here?" the servant said. "My mistress brought you back after you fell unconscious from your injuries."

Su Mo nodded. He had not expected to end up in the Daqing Country after falling unconscious. He must have drifted there down the river!

Then, he checked his internal injuries and frowned.

His internal organs were all damaged to some degree, and some were even ruptured.

If this kind of serious injury occurred to a martial artist in the Qi Cultivation Realm, they probably would not survive for more than an hour. Luckily, Su Mo was strong enough to withstand these injuries and recover in about 10 days.

This time, if it were not his powerful human body and exceptional defensive skills, he would have been dead!

"Pang He's cultivation should be at Lv 3 True Spirit Realm. He's so powerful!" Su Mo murmured.

Although Pang He was only one level higher than Qi Feiyu, their strength was totally different. Pang He's strength was ten times more powerful than Qi Feiyu's.

Su Mo knew that higher levels of martial arts were more differentiated from each other, but this was too big of a difference.

"Pang He is probably a lot more powerful than a regular martial artist at Lv 3 True Spirit Realm!"

Su Mo squinted his shining eyes and thought, "Pang He, I will definitely kill you in the future!"

Pang He was now on Su Mo's killing list!

After a while, Su Mo repressed his killing desire and fixed his eyes back on the servant, asking, "Where is your mistress?"

Su Mo planned to leave the Tongs. He did not know any of the Tongs, so he did not feel comfortable staying.

Of course, since the Tongs' mistress saved his life, he needed to thank her in person.

"Mistress is probably at the family martial practice field!" the servant said.

Su Mo nodded. He clasped his fist and asked the servant politely, "Could you show me the way?"

Then, the servant led him to the Tongs' martial practice field.

Today, the martial practice field was very busy.

There was a fighting ring in the middle of the martial practice field, and below it was over 300 Tong disciples, including Tong Wanqiu, Liang Yao, and Xiao Qing.

Two tall spectators stands stood in the periphery of the martial practice field. On the highest level of one of the spectators stands stood the master of the Tongs, Tong Lian, and a dozen Tong elders.

On the other spectators stand sat a dozen people, including some middle-aged martial artists and some elders. They all had profound looks in their eyes and emanated a strong aura of strength, proving to be no weaker than the highest level of the Tongs.

"Master, since everyone's here, we should start the challenges!" a middle-aged man said to Tong Lian, who was seated in the main seat.

The man was incredibly tall but as thin as a stick of bamboo, and his sunken face looked very creepy.

He was Weng Zhen, the Master of the other great family in Blackjade City, the Wengs.

Tong Lian heard this and answered with a nod, "Yes, let's begin!"

A tall and thin young man with the same appearance as Weng Zhen suddenly appeared behind Weng Zhen, wearing a large blue robe.

The tall and thin young man had a haughty look on his face. He flew onto the center of the fighting ring with a single leap.

Then, the young man looked down from the ring at Tong Wanqiu with a lecherous look in his eyes and said with a smile, "Little Qiu'er, I hope you keep your promise. If I won, we must immediately get engaged!"

Tong Wanqiu was disgusted by the "Qiu'er" nicknamed by him. She knitted her brows. "You can't make it, so don't bother thinking!"

She felt very helpless. This young man was called Weng Kuiwu, the Wengs' Master Weng Zhen's only son.

Weng Kuiwu was very talented. He had reached the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm at the age of 21 and was renowned in the Blackjade City.

Weng Kuiwu had been pursuing Tong Wanqiu for a long time. If any other young genius pursued her, she might consider relenting, but she absolutely did not want to agree to Weng Kuiwu.

Everyone knew in Blackjade City that although Weng Kuiwu was talented, he was also extremely lewd and had violated many young girls.

He was the last man she would consider as a husband.

However, Weng Kuiwu kept relentlessly pursuing her on the basis of his high cultivation.

Yesterday, he even bragged to Tong Wanqiu that he was powerful enough to defeat all the experts of the Tongs, completely looking down upon the Tong disciples.

In a fit of fury, Tong Wanqiu had agreed that if Weng Kuiwu could really defeat all the inferior disciples of the Tongs, she would consider marrying him.

However, if Weng Kuiwu failed, he would leave her alone.

Weng Kuiwu was overjoyed and had agreed without hesitation.

The next day, he immediately summoned all the elders of his family and publicly challenged all the young experts of the Tongs.

Although Tong Wanqiu felt helpless, she was also unfazed. There was no way that Weng Kuiwu could defeat all the young experts of the Tongs!