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Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 142

Seeing him, Lin Feng asked curiously, "Du Yuanxing, I was going to ask why you're here. Didn't you stay in the base? And, who is 'him' that you're talking about?"

Du Yuanxing immediately turned back to point at Lin Qiao and responded with, "Ah, him. Do you know him? He says that he knows you"

Lin Feng slowly sat up. Lin Hao hurriedly tried to help his brother, but Lin Feng didn't let him. Lin Feng stood up from the ground, then found that his movements were smooth and the pain in his chest was really gone.

How did that happen? Was his internal injury healed while he was unconscious? What on earth had happened to him that he didn't know yet?

He looked at where Du Yuanxing was pointing at and saw a medium height man, face covered in scars and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

He had never seen this man before, and had no idea who he was.So, he looked at Lin Qiao from head to toe, then turned his head to the others with a questioning look.

Lin Hao and the others shook their heads and said, "We don't know him either. We can't possibly know him since you don't."

Lin Feng looked at Du Yuanxing, then at Lin Qiao. After that, he turned back to ask his family, "Then what happened earlier? Why am I healed? And, where's Yang Jianhua?"

He glanced around and confirmed that Yang Jianhua wasn't here. Even his vehicles were gone.

"Earlier, when your fire shield was broken, Tianxing sank the earth to protect us from Yang Jianhua's ice weapons in that dangerous moment." Mrs. Lin answered the question, "Then, the other few showed up as well."

While speaking, Mrs. Lin pointed at Du Yuanxing and Long Qingying, "Yang Jianhua was beaten off, by aema girl."

She was going to say 'a female zombie', but as she realized that Lin Qiao was standing right there, she changed her words.

After all, Lin Qiao was really there to help them, for whatever purpose. At least till now, this strange zombie had been showing a friendly attitude. And magically, he somehow managed to heal Lin Feng's injury within such a short time.

"He, he, he said that he knows you, and that's why he came to find you. Long Qingying and I followed him here from the South, also to find you. Deputy Chief Yuan showed up earlier when you were in danger, and we were just slightly later than him." Du Yuanxing said.

Lin Feng glanced at Lin Qiao, then asked Du Yuanxing with a low voice, "He knows me? But I don't think I know him."

"Well, he said so," Du Yuanxing replied, also with a low voice.

Lin Feng thought carefully and confirmed that he really didn't know this scar-faced man. Then, he asked Lin Qiao loudly, "May I ask your name? According to them, my injury is cured by you. I can't do much to express my gratitude to you at the moment. But in the future, if you need any help, please come to me."

Hearing his words, Lin Qiao looked at him and nodded.

Lin Feng felt strange about Lin Qiao's silent response. With a low voice, he asked Du Yuanxing, "I'm sure that I don't know such a man. Who is he? Don't you know about that? Which base did he come from?"

"EhHe is" Du Yuanxing looked at Lin Qiao, wondering if he should directly tell Lin Feng about the fact that this strange man was a zombie instead of a human being.

"Brother, he's not a man. He's a zombie," Lin Wenwen said abruptly.

Hearing her, Lin Feng widened his eyes in shock, staring at Lin Wenwen and asking, "Wenwen, what did you say? I think I didn't hear you clearly as the wind is too loud."

Lin Wenwen wanted to roll her eyes, while the others wanted to laugh.

Lin Hao nodded and said, "That's true, brother. He is indeed aeha special zombie!"

Lin Feng stared at Lin Hao as if the latter was crazy, and the latter felt a little speechless.'Damn, I'm telling the truth! Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not crazy!' Lin Hao complained silently.

At that moment, Mrs. Lin put her arm around Lin Xiaolu's shoulder and said, "You can ask him yourself if you don't believe it."

While speaking, she glanced at Lin Qiao.

Lin Feng was so confused by his family. He didn't believe their words, so he turned to Lin Qiao and continued asking, "Eh, how shall I address you? Why did you help us?"

Lin Qiao took out the notepad under Lin Feng's gaze, then thought for a moment and wrote'My name is Lu Tianyu. I am a zombie indeed. They didn't lie to you.'

Finishing writing, she tore off the piece of paper, wadded it up, and threw at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's mind wasn't fully cleared yet, but still, he automatically caught the wad of paper, then unwrapped it and read the note. After that, the look in his face turned strange.

He raised his head and saw that Lin Qiao had taken off her sunglasses to show her completely dark eyes.

Compared with Lin Feng who was dumbfounded at the moment, the others seemed to be much calmer.At that point, Yuan Tianxing suddenly fell to the ground on his back.

"Deputy Chief Yuan!" Long Qingying saw that first and shouted out loud.
Hearing her voice, the others immediately turned their heads and found that Yuan Tianxing was already lying on the ground.

As no one was paying attention to her, Lin Qiao disappeared from where she was.The others went to Yuan Tianxing and helped him from the ground. They found that his energy had been randomly flowing inside his body, and his vibe was very weak. His face was ghastly pale, eyes closed tightly.

"What happened to Deputy Chief Yuan?" Du Yuanxing followed behind the others and asked.Lin Hao felt Yuan Tianxing's pulse, then pressed a hand on his chest to sense his body condition. After that, he checked a few other parts of Yuan Tianxing's body, and finally began talking with a serious look.

"Brother Tianxing is injured even more severely than my big brother. My brother's injury got worse because his energy was consumed up, but brother Tianxing has been injured for a month. It seems that he's been bitting the bullet the whole time, and hasn't rested."

"He has been missing for a month." Mrs. Lin said, "I didn't think that he'd come here to find us. He must have been through something awful. I suppose he has been in a difficult condition this whole while."

Lin Feng finally woke up from the shock given by the fact that he was saved by a zombie. He came over to check on Yuan Tianxing, then said, "Eh, that, that man just now He cured me just now, so he should be able to cure Yuan Tianxing as well. Where is he?"

While speaking, he turned to look at the others, then where Lin Qiao was. However, he didn't see the zombie. "Eh?" He murmured in confusion as he looked around but failed to find a trace of the zombie.