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Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 253


When Lin Wenwen and Cheng Wangxue quickly walked up to untie the five, they saw Lin Qiao standing behind the group of men.

“Eh? Miss. Lu, where did you find them?” Asked Lin Wenwen.

At that moment, Lin Qiao was surprised by the fact that she had actually brought all five of them into her space at one time. ‘So, I just need to tie them up together with a rope? Or, will I be able to do it as long as they’re connected physically? Will it work if they simply hold each other’s hands?’ She thought.

Hearing Lin Wenwen’s words, Li Zheng and the others immediately turned back. As a result, they saw a bald lady in a camouflage suit standing behind them, gazing at them with glowing eyes; with one arm before her chest and the other supporting her chin.

Seeing her eyes, Lin Zheng and his people all shivered out of fear, then automatically took two steps backward, widening their eyes on full alert.
Without a doubt, the pair of eyes they saw should belong to a high-level zombie. They saw a pair of zombie eyes, but their limbs were still tied, and they had zero fighting capacity at the moment.

Hearing Lin Wenwen’s words, Lin Qiao woke up from her thoughts. The reaction made by Li Zheng and his people made her a little unhappy. “Why are you staring at me? I’m saving your asses now, yet it seems that you want to kill me with a machete. I don’t think that’s necessary!”

Li Zheng and his people were puzzled when she talked. Subconsciously, they thought that they might be wrong.

The bald lady might not be a zombie. Otherwise, why was she able to talk?
However, on looking at her eyes, they started doubting themselves again.

“Are youa human?” As the Captain, Li Zheng managed to stay calm. Judging by the Lin Family people’ reaction, they didn’t seem to be afraid of the bald lady. Therefore, he cooled down and asked.

Before Lin Qiao responded, Mrs. Lin answered his question while untying him, “Ah, you mean her? She’s not human…She’s a zombie.”

Once Mrs. Lin said that, Li Zheng and his people all turned to look at her, their faces showing disbelief. They didn’t know if they should doubt themselves or Mrs. Lin.

“Wait a minuteYou said she’s awhat?”

Seeing the looks in their faces, Lin Wenwen gave a smile and said, “That’s right, this bald lady isn’t a human being. As you’ve seen, she’s a talking zombie. Isn’t this magical?”

Cheng Wangxue stood aside with Lin Xiaolu. She didn’t help to untie the five, as Wei Jingchen and Xiao Wenxing were doing it.Soon, Lin Zheng and his people were all untied.

While stepping away from Lin Qiao, Li Zheng rubbed his numbed hands and said to Lin Wenwen confusedly, “Wenwen, you’re not joking, are you?”

Lin Qiao crossed her arms before her chest as she looked at the five and said, “Why? Don’t you believe her? Then why did you move away from me?”

Feng Yuming, who had paused for a while in shock, abruptly grabbed Xiao Wenxing and asked, “Brother Xiao, is what she said true?”

Xiao Wenxing had been laughing on the inside, as Li Zheng and his people reacted exactly the same as how he and his teammates did when they first met Lin Qiao. He was glad to see other people get as confused and shocked as he was at that time.

He laughed and responded, “Yuming, look at her eyes. Those eyes can’t be fake. No superpowered human beings have that kind of eyes. Only the eyes of zombies can look like that.”

Hearing that, Feng Yuming was even more confused. “So, why are youwith a zombie? SheShe won’t eat us, will she? A talking zombieOh my, so scary!”

While speaking, he hid behind Xiao Wenxing with a crying face, who patted on his shoulder and said smilingly, “What to be afraid of? Have you seen us being nervous at all? As she said, she just saved you!”

On the other side, Mrs. Lin suddenly joined the conversation, “What happened to you? Why were you tied up? Where were you before you were brought in?”

Lin Qiao’s space was constantly illuminated, even during night time. The dim light in the space allowed the people to see things.

Hearing Mrs. Lin’s question, Li Zheng now noticed that no lights existed in this place.“Madam, where is this place? It was all dark just now, but why is it seeming to be daytime here?” While speaking, he had a chance to think. Abruptly, he changed his words and asked another question, “Is this a space? A space of someone with a superpower?”

Mrs. Lin smilingly nodded and replied, “You’re right. This is her space.”While speaking, Mrs. Lin pointed at Lin Qiao.

The others gaped their mouths with surprise.

“Such a huge space!”

Lin Qiao looked at them with a smile while saying, “What? Aren’t you afraid of me anymore?”

Li Zheng and his people were still on alert against Lin Qiao. But at this moment, they weren’t afraid of her anymore, maybe because the Lin Family people acted very calmly when facing her, and she looked rather friendly and nice.

“We have no hostility against you, neither do we want to attack you,” said Lei Yao.

Lin Qiao looked at the five men, having a familiar feeling again. She couldn’t help but ask, “Have we met somewhere before? Your scents are so familiar!”

Hearing her words, Li Zheng and his people all thought of dogs.“We don’t know you. Maybe you’ve mixed us up with some other people,” Feng Yuming hid behind Xiao Wenxing and yelled at Lin Qiao.

He even had doubts about his entire life right now. He was looking at a zombie, a real zombie. This zombie was able to talk and was clean, wearing clothes like his friends and himself! Moreover, the zombie had saved them! The zombie had such a huge space, and there were some other people in her space!

And those people were just whom he and his people had been looking for!
This must be an illusion! Illusion!

With these thoughts, Feng Yuming suddenly closed his eyes and murmured to himself, “It’s an illusionIt must beI saw illusionThis isn’t real”

Watching him, Xiao Wenxing wanted to laugh.“Are you stupid?” He slapped Feng Yuming on the back of his head and said, “Open your eyes and see if this is real! Do you need me to give you a few punches so you can figure out if this is real or not?”

Feng Yuming immediately shook his head to refuse, “No, noI believe that this is real, I believe it!”He had a superpower, but regarding combat skills, he often got tortured by Xiao Wenxing.

“Have you done catching up? If you’re done, go over there and sit down,” said Lin Qiao.While speaking, she pointed at the couch where the Lin Family people were sitting on just now.

Then, she said to Lin Wenwen, “Wenwen, get them some water from the lake. Remember, three cups of water for them each will be enough. And, the food here is safe, so get them something to eat. I’ll go out to check the situation.”

“Yeah,” Lin Wenwen nodded without thinking as Lin Qiao called her name.
Having finished talking, Lin Qiao turned and left the space while Li Zheng and his people continued to talk with the Lin Family people. Some of them still felt that they were in a dream.